News About our Bucktown Store

After almost nine years of business in Bucktown, we have decided to close our original Bucktown store and concentrate our efforts at our West Loop shop.  We have to admit that we're a little bit sad and a little bit excited.  Sad, because Bucktown is wonderful and close to our home, and we have truly loved getting to know many fantastic people in the neighborhood.  Excited, because we're looking forward to some much needed change.  Cat & Mouse Games is a family owned and operated business, and running two stores is a lot more work than running one store.  We're at a point where we're trying to simplify our lives a bit, while at the same time our West Loop store is busier than ever.  Going back to one shop just makes sense for us personally.

So THANK YOU Bucktown for all the love and support over the years!  We have truly appreciated the time we've spent with you, and hope you'll come see us down at our West Loop store.  It's just a quick hop away down Ashland or the Blue Line!

  1. When is the last day of business at Bucktown?

Bucktown's last regular day will be Tuesday, May 30.  Tuesday night is always Game Night, so we'll use it as an opportunity to hang out, play, and celebrate almost 9 years of business in Bucktown.  We hope you can join us!

  1. Are you having a sale at Bucktown?

After Tuesday, May 30 we'll shut down for a few days to organize and move a lot of inventory, but on Friday, June 2 through Sunday, June 4, we'll have a "We don't feel like moving this!!" inventory reduction sale at our Bucktown location only.  All products remaining at Bucktown (and there will still be a LOT!) will be on sale, at least 50% off.  We'll also be selling store fixtures, so if you need any shelving, come talk to us!

  1. I have a gift card that was purchased at the Bucktown store.  Can I use it at the West Loop store?

Absolutely!  Gift cards were always redeemable at either store, and they never expire.

  1. I have a rewards account and I've only ever shopped at the Bucktown store.  Does the account work at the West Loop store?

Yes!  When we opened up the second store we moved to a cloud-based point-of-sale system, so all customer accounts and transactions work across both stores.

  1. I attended Dungeons & Dragons events at Bucktown.  Will those continue at West Loop?

Yes.  Dungeons & Dragons is on hiatus, but after Origins Game Fair we'll be starting up a new season of D&D at the West Loop store.  Watch our Facebook page for announcements.

  1. Will there be any changes at West Loop due to the store consolidation?

Yes indeed!  In mid- to late-June we'll be extending our store hours at the West Loop store, and we'll be adding more events to the calendar.  Look for more family-friendly gaming and kids activities, more roleplaying, more weeknight events, and more learn-to-play workshops.  In addition, our selection of strategy games at West Loop will be EXPANDING, and we'll move our used game program to that location.  Once again, watch our Facebook page for announcements!

  1. I've never been to the West Loop store.  How do I get there?

Our West Loop store is close to downtown, I-290, I-90/94, and multiple public transit options, so it's pretty easy to get to.  We have a convenient standing zone in front of the store; feel free to park there with your blinkers on if you're shopping with us and will be there for 15 minutes or less.  More information about our West Loop location can be found here.