BIG Adventures in Pandemic Puzzling!

Posted by Linda Schmidt on

The other week one of our customers sent in this delightful picture of himself with the 18,000 piece Ravensburger puzzle that he completed.  Taking about 500 hours of work, it was quite an accomplishment!

Inquiring minds (including other customers who had also purchased that same puzzle from us and were nearing completion) wanted to know more about how Michael mounted the puzzle, and he kindly provided some details:

"I procured 4 separate thin pieces of particle board and then mounted them on the wall (these were the exact size of each puzzle quadrant so I could have a place to store them in the interim. When I finished with the entire puzzle, I mounted each board on the wall, and then mounted the puzzle on top of it using this mounting tac...
The whole thing ended up being a little off-center, so my final job was to get a little wood molding and make a smooth "border" for the whole thing. Really, that tac is what allowed everything to work. I was amazed at how effective it was. It probably would stick a puzzle straight to the wall, but I was worried that I'd never really be able to take it off if we ever move.
Thanks for your interest. I was sort of dreading the mounting of it, and it ended up being a lot more straightforward than I would have expected."



Well, there you have it!  Thanks go out to Michael for sharing his pictures and tips.  If there's a huge jigsaw puzzle somewhere in your future, we hope that it turns out this beautifully!


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