Annals of Gifting: The not-too-expensive gift for a child

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There's a company in town that throws a family-friendly staff holiday party every year, and they like to give each child attending a gift to unwrap.  So sweet!  A few years ago someone realized that it was actually a lot of work to select, purchase, and wrap all of the gifts, so they reached out to us for help.  They give us a budget and a list of kids with their ages.  We send them suggestions, and then they get to focus on the fun part, which is selecting a gift for each child. Then we gift wrap and label everything, send an invoice, and drop the whole kit and caboodle off at their office.  This year their staff party will be over zoom, but they still wanted to distribute gifts, so we'll be shipping some directly to recipients and dropping a batch off at their office as usual.  And so... VOILA! The staff holiday party just got a bit easier to manage!

$20-$30 is a popular price range for this type of gift during the holidays, as well as a popular price range for birthday gifting.  If you have need for a fun and cute, but not budget-busting gift for a young friend, there are a lot of great things to choose from.  The list below is arranged roughly by age, and covers ages birth through 12 years old.  Happy Gifting!

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