Annals of Gifting: New Hobbies for a Lifetime of Fun

Posted by Linda Schmidt on

Considering the business we own, it's no surprise that our family is full of hobbyists and enthusiasts.  Milo spent years honing his yoyo and diabolo skills, and he loves the creative pursuits of drawing and painting miniature figures.  Andre was also an avid yoyo-er, and has spent a lot of time perfecting magic tricks. Cyrus has always built anything you put in front of him, which might explain why he's in the Rube Goldberg Club at college.  All three of them still enjoy gathering around a table for a rousing Dungeons & Dragons adventure.  I started cooking avidly when I was ten and discovered Julia Child on PBS, I've never met a fiber art I didn't love, and this year I've been distracting myself with a lot of paint-by-numbers.  With so much time on our hands still, it's a great time to learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby!


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