Annals of Gifting: For the Chicagoan who's Missing this Beautiful City

Posted by Linda Schmidt on

I was born and raised in Delaware, the small mid-Atlantic state that's home to our future president.  I've never been too sentimental about my the place that I came from, but now... with my inability to go back to visit family and old friends, I find myself frequently thinking about my hometown.  For Christmas I'd love a jigsaw puzzle featuring scenes from Delaware, or maybe even a paint-by-number of a Delware Blue Hen chicken.  HA! I'm sure that doesn't exist, but that would be great!  In any case, if you have a friend or family member who is feeling sentimental about Chicago just like I'm feeling sentimental about Delaware, give them a gift that celebrates this beautiful city of ours.  They'll feel right at home!

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