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"Last week customer told me his sister only likes "games that are weird... and like, super pretty?" and the category of game stuck in my mind. He could have been shopping for me! For the aesthete and connoisseur, some titles that are lovely to look at and unusual to play." - Jessica, West Loop Manager

Tales Of the Arabian Nights: In this massively replayable monster of a board game, players roll dice and try to make the best choices as they move through fairy tale and legend. From the box: "Choose your actions carefully and the skills you possess will reward you: become beloved, wealthy, mighty - even become sultan of a great land. Choose foolishly, however, and become a beggar, or be cursed with a beast's form or become insane from terror!"

Haggis: Haggis is a climbing type card game for 2-3 players with an interesting betting game mechanic and beautiful Scottish-themed art.

Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective: I think this game may already have shown up in our roundups, but it's so excellent and has been so hard to find that I'm comfortable shouting it out again. Players work together to investigate 10 of Sherlock's cases, moving around a gorgeous map of London and consulting beautiful printed newspapers for hints as to where the clues are hidden. Try to solve the case faster than Sherlock!

Catacombs: This gorgeous new edition's art does better justice to this dungeon-crawl semi-cooperative... dexterity game? One player is the "boss" of the Catacomb, sending opponents to face the other players' heroes. They then flick their tokens at the baddies, with physical contact causing damage.

Castellion: Build castles smartly to protect from oncoming waves of monsters. Like the other titles in the Oniverse family of games, this dreamy little tile-laying game can be played solo or with another player.

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