Annals of Gifting: New Parents in Need of a Distraction

Posted by Linda Schmidt on

"When Andre and I were new parents we suddenly found that it was a lot harder to get together with groups of friends.  Imagine that!  Thankfully, we discovered that board games designed specifically for two players were the perfect entertainment for our new harried lifestyle.  Our kids are older and independent these days, but we still enjoy a lot of two-player games.  These are some of our absolute favorites."  - Linda, Owner of Cat & Mouse Games

7 Wonders Duel - A brilliant adaptation of the ever-popular 7 Wonders, this new version just for two players offers a lot of re-playability.  We think this is one of the best new games of the year.

Patchwork - Don't let the theme deceive you!  This strategy game has straightforward rules, but proves to be surprisingly challenging.  Love, love, LOVE this game!

Akrotiri - One of the more complex of the small box 2-player games, Akrotiri combines different elements (tile-laying, pick up and deliver) in a really interesting way.  It's great for the new parents who play a lot of board games and are looking for something that's fairly meaty.

Jaipur - To me, this is the perfect game to take along to a cafe.  It's quick and easy to learn, but with enough decision-making to keep things interesting.  The illustrations and and overall design are lovely as well.

Quarto - This one looks nice sitting out on the coffee table, and is perfect for when you can snag 10-15 minutes for a little  diversion.


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