Annals of Gifting: The Large Family Gathering

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Games for large family gatherings

"Some of my favorite childhood memories are of Christmas Eve with my mom's family.  Passels of little cousins, big cousins, aunts, and uncles floated in an out of rooms, and great food and conversation followed in their wakes.  If a big, casual, all-ages family gathering is in your future, here are some of my top picks for gifts that can be enjoyed on the spot." - Linda, Owner of Cat & Mouse Games

Lift it! - This delightful dexterity game can be played by young and old.  Use a crane to build a configuration of blocks within a certain amount of time.  The really fun part: sometimes the crane is attached to your head, and sometimes you have to cooperate with another player who also has a crane attached to their head.  Hilarious and fun!  Did I mention that you have to strap a crane to your head?

Concept - The goal is to get other players to guess a concept, by placing pawns on an expansive board of icons.  Three difficulty levels make it a great option for mixed-age groups.  Concept hits all my criteria for the perfect family gathering game: the rules are simple, it doesn't really matter how many people play, and no one cares about scoring because they're too busy having fun.  It's really fascinating to see how other people's brains work!

Read my List - What do onions, gold, and boxing have in common? They’re all types of rings! Listen to a list, remember what you heard, then think quick! Win points for naming things missing from the list, identifying their category, or being the last player standing in a Lightning Round. Everyone can join the fun with two game play levels: easy and hard.  This is a great game for when everyone is just hanging around on the couch or chatting over their coffee.

Ghost Blitz - This is a visual speed game that is a fun challenge for both kids and adults.  If your family loves games like Spot It or Set, they'll love Ghost Blitz!

Mixed By Me Thinking Putty kit - This kit allows you to create your very own thinking putty!  It's no-mess and perfect for kids to easily do on their own, but honestly, when we cracked open a box the adults were just as entranced as the kids.  Each box includes 5 small tins of blank putty and enough color-izer, shimmer-izer, glitter-izer, and glow-erizer for everyone to make their own custom creation.

Mafia de Cuba - It turns out my family really likes to play games where they get to lie to each other.  I guess that would more politely be referred to as bluffing, but you get the idea.  Mafia de Cuba plays up to 12 people, the rules are super simple, and if my family is any indication, the teens and young adults will especially enjoy playing!

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