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4-12 players

30-60 minutes



How would I describe Concept? I would use the game symbol, the idea symbol, and the head symbol. That’s probably confusing, but stay with me: Concept is a party game where you reduce complex ideas to simple ones. On the game board, you have a series of symbols. These can represent anything from “automobile” to “green” to “war.” Using these symbols, you attempt to describe the concept on your card.

To make this easier, the game provides you with a clever refinement system. You are given a green question mark token indicating the main concept, three differently colored tokens indicating subconcepts, and smaller colored cube tokens for narrowing down your concepts. Using these in whatever order you choose, you lay out your idea for others to guess. Got “milk”? Try putting the green marker on “liquid” and the green cubes on “white” and “food/drink”. Ideas can range in complexity from “Bee” to “Leonardo DiCaprio,” which gives the game a fun challenge for both kids and adults.

Concept is a fun party game with a focus on simplicity. It’s easy to set up, easy to play, and doesn’t always require your full attention. It can be played in teams or free-for-all, and with more than 300 possible concepts, the fun will last a long time.  If you like Pictionary, Taboo, Charades, or other hidden phrase games, you’ll love Concept.

- Charlie, Person Symbol

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