New Toy Arrivals: Building Into New Dimensions & Cube Madness!

New in stock is Plus Plus, a super cool new building toy from Denmark. The novel shape fits together in both 2 and 3 dimensions at a variety of angles, allowing all sorts of interesting 3D shapes and structures. They're available in tons of colors, including pastel, translucent neon and camouflage. Perfect for a little restaurant treat or (gulp) stocking stuffers. The tubes retail for $7.99 and a larger 300pc set is $14.99.
New cubes are arriving daily as we expand our solo brainteasers. This bad boy is called a ShengShou Mirror Cube, and I swear it even took me a few minutes to re-twist it back after this photo. Check also for pyraminx, translucent and stickerless cubes, and put your skills to the test at our Rubik's Cube Challenge later this month and in July!