Meet the Cat & Mouse Staff: Charlie

Charlie has been working at Cat & Mouse for almost a year now, and you'll usually find him at our Bucktown store.  In addition to some mad organizational skills (I'm not joking, the scissor arrangement in our desk drawer is something to behold) Charlie also knows an awful lot about all sorts of games.  We took a few moments to find out more about him.

What are you playing now and who do you play with?

"My current obsessions are The Game and Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy - The Game for the fantastic solo play and Legacy for the unusual theme. My gaming group consists of myself, my roommate Steve, and my friends Pat and Ian; we meet regularly on Thursdays, but somehow, we still can’t finish Pandemic Legacy."


If you could pick one all-time favorite game, what would it be?

"My first introduction to the world of “serious gaming” was the Call of Cthulhu RPG. I was the Keeper (DM) for a group of friends for about four years. We had so many great adventures - escaping the murderous, inbred population of a small island off the coast of Maine, stealing the Necronomicon from a guarded vault in pre-war Germany, and running down Chicago mobsters in an old Model T, to name a few. Although I love board games, I think, deep down, I’ll always be a RPG nerd at heart."


Did you play a lot of games as a kid?

"Tons! I played all the staples, like Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble, Risk, etc, but my true love was Sequence. I’ll destroy anyone who thinks they’re a better Sequence player. Bring it on, internet!"


Have you ever cheated at a game?

"When I was a kid, I cheated a few times - mostly at Risk and Monopoly, and mostly against my cousin. You can read more about it here."


What are your 3 desert island games?

"Cosmic Encounter, Robinson Crusoe (it seems appropriate), and Go (It’ll give me time to work on my game, which is awful). Just for kicks, I would also include The Campaign for North Africa. With a playtime of 1200 hours, it would probably keep me pretty busy."


Do you have any unique rituals in your gaming group?

"Whenever your turn is over, you’re supposed to say “Choo-choo” or some variation of it (like choo, chooch, choochy, etc). It started as a Ticket to Ride thing and it’s spread to every game we play. It’s pretty useful, it stops the “Oh, it’s my turn?” thing."


Dominion strategy?

"Don’t forget the duchies."


Favorite D&D class?

"Dual-wielding ranger. I read too many Drizzt Do’Urden books when I was young and I guess I can’t shake it."


Preferred piece color?

"Green. If anyone takes green before me, they’ve earned my wrath for the rest of the game. Beware."


Preferred Twilight Struggle side?

"Must you even ask, comrade?"