Settlers of Catan Tournament Series

Every year Cat & Mouse Game Store holds a series of six Settlers of Catan tournaments, where novices and experts alike gather to trade and build over that famous field of hexes.  In addition to the friendly competition, each preliminary event will include a variety of prizes.  That's more FUN for everyone!

This series is a Catan World Championship (CWC) pre-qualifying event.  The winner of each tournament will advance to the Cat & Mouse Catan Final in Spring 2015, and the winner of the final will go to the national competition at GenCon in August 2015.



2014-15 Season Dates & Locations

Event 1 - Saturday, October 11, 2014 @ Cat & Mouse Games West Loop  COMPLETED

Event 2 - Sunday, November 2, 2014 @ Cat & Mouse Games West Loop  COMPLETED

Event 3 - Saturday, January 24, 2015 @ Cat & Mouse Games Bucktown  COMPLETED

Event 4 - Sunday, February 22, 2015 @ Cat & Mouse Games West Loop  COMPLETED

Event 5 - Saturday, March 14, 2015 @ Cat & Mouse Games West Loop  COMPLETED

Event 6 - Sunday, March 29, 2015 @ Cat & Mouse Games Bucktown  >> Tickets


FINAL CHAMPIONSHIP - Saturday, April 18  1pm




Seats & Reservations

16 seats are available for each event, and you must reserve your seat by purchasing a ticket through Eventbrite.  In the event that there are any empty seats left 5 hours before a tournament, walk-ins can pay at the store until all seats are filled or the start of the tournament, whichever comes first.  A minimum of 12 participants is required for an event to take place.


During each preliminary event we'll be giving away prizes for Longest Longest Road, Most Robbed, and Dead Last. 

The winner from each preliminary event will advance to the Cat & Mouse Catan Final.

The winner of our final tournament will win the Grand Prize Package: a trip to GenCon in 2015, where they'll participate in the Catan World Championship.   The Grand Prize Package includes:  $125 check for travel expenses, 3-night stay in hotel next to convention center, GenCon admission, plus promotional products and admission to special events hosted by Mayfair Games.  Additional prizes for the other Final Four contestants to be determined. 

Game Play

The games are played with the Settlers of Catan base game only, no expansions.  Each table will seat 3-4 players depending on the total number of participants, and players will be given assigned seating. 

During a preliminary event, all players will play 3 games.  There are no elimination rounds.  The winner of each event is determined by the scoring criteria below.

The winner from each of the 6 preliminary events will advance to the Cat & Mouse Catan Final in Spring 2015.  In addition, the two non-winning players with the highest overall scores in the series will also advance to the final.

Players may participate in more than one preliminary event in an effort to secure a spot in the final.

Rules & Scoring

These tournaments are CWC sanctioned events, and use the Settlers of Catan 4th Edition rules.  Several rules often come up as points of confusion:

 For scoring, the order and ranking are based on (by importance):


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